Veran Faulkner (name possibly subject to change) is a character in Combined Arms. Faulkner is the protagonist of the story, a self-proclaimed 'mercenary-ish' with a large, named sword and an even larger magical prosthetic arm.  He comes to the floating island city, New Argent, in search of numerous things, most namely retribution.

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Some call them, freelancers, mercenaries, soldiers of fortune...and there were none quite as fortunate as Faulkner.  Wielder of two "named weapons" until his right armament, and the arm to go with it, were lost in some event involving [Reznor].

  • Mid-late 20s to mid 30s.
  • Average build, a slight bit bulkier and muscular than average, as to be expected.
  • "Salt and pepper" hair, probably, short to short-ish in length.
  • Somewhat pronounced jaw and cheek bones; looks almost under-fed in the right(wrong?) light.
  • Right side shoulder and back muscles noticeably larger, mostly due to having a ~70 lb/30 kg magical steel arm attached.
  • Wears a form-fitting neutral-toned shirt.  The shirt, composed of treated fentid "wool" ('fentool'), is highly resilient and resistant to conventional weaponry.  As such, he does not modify it, instead requiring his arm to be disconnected before putting it on - something he does in private.
  • Over that, he wears either a loose vest or light jacket with various pockets strewn about for tools and other useful things.  Post-prosthetic, however, his vest has been modified; the right shoulder seam has been cut out and replaced with two fasteners that keep the front right and rear right together, making wearing it with the arm much more convenient and...well, possible.
  • The "backup" scabbard for his sword can either be strapped and worn around the torso, rendering the sword immediately accessible behind him via the left hand, or fastened to his waist/belt.  The empty scabbard is usually the first thing to go when Faulkner enters combat, as he finds it unwieldly.
  • Lower body: Wears neutral or primary toned pants, slightly baggy in appearance around the thigh due to strapped knee pads.  Special material boots, also nigh-impervious to ground hazards.  Very expensive; Faulkner is particular about keeping them clean.

Faulker's Sword (Silver Flow? Silver Current/Stream?)

Faulkner's sword, a so-categorized "named weapon".  As their label implies, named weapons are at the least notable, either for their power or some significance.  In Faulkner's case, it's both.  Maybe.

  • Appears as a very minimalistically-crafted two-edge short sword, relatively wide for its apparent length.
  • Silver-toned, with a black hilt and no guard or pommel. It is a very low-profile weapon, possessing no distinguishing characteristics when left un-utilized.
  • The blade itself appears to be composed of many pieces.  The space between the shards gives the appearance of grooved metal, their gaps forming an angular hexagonal shape with negative space.
  • The central piece, surrounded laterally by the other segments, is a hexagonal-ended tetradecahedron (i.e. similar to a rupee from Zelda stretched lengthwise) almost resembling a well-cut gem.  Its hexagonal apexes, facing outward, are level with the rest of the sides' contours, leaving a depression of sorts surrounding it.
  • When "released" (that is, a low level activation by its user) the blade gains a lightning element.  Its power also spreads to the user; while their body does not take on any electrical attributes, their speed is increased slightly.  This activated state is signified by electricity arcing around the sword, particularly when in motion and/or making contact, with potential for (relatively) minor conductivity even in the event of a near-miss.
  • The effectiveness of the sword's arcane characteristics are dependent upon the user's concentration, familiarity, and aptitude.
  • [Faulkner's sword] can be further released yet.  In this second phase, the pieces comprising the sword break apart from one another, and float freely in the air, the center gem-like shard acting as the centerpiece holding them together with persistent arcs of electricity.  The pieces follow the user's and hilt's motions with near instantaneousness, marking an immense increase in the sword's reach, size, and versatility.
  • The elemental properties in this mode are also amplified, with a curious flickering electrical field fills the "gaps" in the contiguous edge.  The sword swings with brilliantly lit trails following the blade's motion, leaving behind a lingering flicker of electricity.  The abundant charge this mode commands can also be projected in the form of a wave slash, but Faulkner does not utilize this.

Faulker's objectives/prerogatives (written en route to The City):

  1. Find or attract the attention of someone skilled enough in the arcane to lift whatever malady has stricken his (real) right arm.
  2. Avenge the death of [his benefactor/the professor] - her ties to this city and its undying power struggle signify her killer, whether by hand or mouth, can likely be found here.
  3. Do "something heroic", perhaps to assist in the completion of Task #1. Could also help soften the payment or requisites for services rendered, re: fixing his arm.
  4. Clear his own name, re: his status as a suspect in the professor's killing.
  5. Settle things with [Reznor], who may or may not have abandoned him in the suboceanic catacombs, leaving him to his fate. He is undecided as to the exact definition of "settling", whether killing, just roughing him up, or simply to engage in a stern dialogue.
  6. Meet with Venaiyia, an old friend unseen for nearly a decade. Purely a casual/'time permitting' affair.

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