Foresight is the project name of a fantasy series originally conceived in November 2008. It was first created as an out of sorts during the time in which I had committed to writing ((Twenty-one Tales)) for National Novel Writing Month. Failing to surpass even a few pages of the first chapter/story, my mind instead wandered to a new series altogether to "make up for it."

It was once somewhat cryptically titled Last Song but changed after I had discovered that not only was there a contemporary novel by that name already, it was being developed as a film (which released in 2010.) The series at large possesses a more "colorful" and in some respects 'traditional' fantasy environment than that of the Steampunk-leaning industrofantasy world of Xenith. The core premise and plot-line extensively homage console and PC role-playing games, particularly the more linear and story-driven ones often dubbed "JRPGs."


Our story follows Leo, a self-described "problem solver" and descendant of a legendary hero. Following the disappearance of one nation's Magistress amidst an annual celebration, a campaign is launched to recover the Magistress by any means necessary, with a massive reward promised to those successful. Ecstatic at the idea of proving himself to the world (let alone being paid to do so), Leo sets out on an adventure, as yet unaware of what is truly at stake...

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