Green Planet is a post-apocalyptic wanderer series with some elements of "endless standoffs" and "power opera" worked in. It follows the exploits of Aurus Light, a relatively unassuming man who finds himself immune to the lethal fog that has covered the globe for decades.


Sometime in the 21st century, an unnatural green miasma swiftly begins materializing all around the globe. "The mist", being near-instantly lethal to humans, quickly decimates the world population three times over.

Much of the remnants of humanity, having escaped the terrifying fog, survive the cataclysm only to succumb to ensuing hunger, violence, and outright despair in the time following. Before long, much of civilization has been reduced to small communities and towns, hunting, foraging, and scavenging wherever and whenever possible.

Largely independent from one another and surrounded by an opaque, deathly fog, with the coming years each settlement slowly devises its own suite of mythology.  Yet for all the variance, nearly everywhere, there are murmurs and myths telling of voices from the mist, one or more wandering the fog, a race of under-dwellers, or some such legends.

For every thousand or so unmade by the mist, there is one who not only survives, but thrives in it. Shortly after initial exposure (and physical maturity, if applicable) those immune gain superhuman abilities, seemingly random yet tied extensively to the more negative, bleaker landscape of the soul - fears, sorrow, unpleasant memories, and sometimes just simple unbridled anger. These abilities, most uniformly known as Traumas, come in pairs - one generally functioning more effectively within the mist, and the other stronger in clear air.

While their origins are unclear, it stands to reason that these few, the so-called "mist-walkers", will be instrumental in the ultimate destination of humanity.


Aurus Light - Protagonist. Late teens~early twenties; a mist-walker, and one of the "youngest" of the fold. Bears the ability to reshape his left arm into anything reliably conceivable (inner) and enhanced regeneration (outer).

[Roach] - Tall, slender, and erratic, an older man who joins Aurus in his travels. His "Dynamic Adaptability" makes him insanely resilient (inner), and [probably some kind of informational power]. Though not a power in/of itself, he also acts as a living map of the region.

Lara - A peculiar redheaded girl who fell into the mist over a decade ago; a habitual wanderer who likes to blend into larger communities.  Commands nightmarish shadow forms (inner), alongside the marginally less useful ability to manipulate her teeth (outer).

[Doc] - A highly aggressive and unhinged "scavenger" who also happens to have powers - namely, emission of an effective poison, and [???].

[The Father] - A one-time single parent, driven to insanity and (failed) suicide after witnessing his daughter being claimed by the mist. Creates replacements for his late daughter via transforming other people (his inner power). This character might become The 'Mother' instead.

[The Daughters] - A cultlike collective of identical blonde girls, approximating age 7~9, modeled after [The Father]'s lost daughter. Immune to the mist, but their powers, if any, are unknown. Their unique status draws [The Remnant]'s curiosity.

[The Real Daughter] - Last seen careening down a slope into green fog. Mist immunity is hereditary, dot dot dot.

[The Mirage] - Also known as The Beast, a supernatural entity blamed for odd happenings (thefts and attacks) in one town.  Accompanied by a periphery-blindness-esque blur.

Coro - A teeaged boy whose wish to be left alone granted him the power of Persuasive Imperceptability.  Its unchecked, uncontrollable usage has left him completely alone in the bustling world, ignored by all...except Aurus. 

Kent Harada - 2nd-generation mist-walker who always seems to be observing. Even without his ability to predict the immediate actions of those around him, he is a fighter beyond proficient.

Shoichi Harada - Kent's father. Status and powers unknown. a.k.a. I haven't come up with much of anything for this guy yet.

The Behemoth - Massive wormlike creature of varying nomenclature; something of a myth, but an oddly specific one shared between several unconnected communities.

[Venaiya] - The twisted product of once "belonging to" a scavenger gang. Bears substantial control over plant life, including The Behemoth, as well as near-fantastical manipulation of her body - particularly her skin and its abundance of tattoos.

[Gone Guru] - An aged, meditative figure and paradoxical image of fitness. Possesses empowered intuition/understanding atop the self-described "Power over Nothing", a kinetic blast apparently capable of neutralizing others' abilities.

The RemnantEdit

Dilger - Commander of the "Acquisitions" arm of the Remnant. Well-intentioned but callous in his disregard for people in the short-term. Has no powers.

Sierra 1 - Leader of Remnant Acquisitions' powered unit. His body is many, many times denser and heavier (inner), compounded by sporadic inhuman strength (outer).

Sierra 2 -

Sierra 3 -

Sierra 4 - Recon/Sniper for the unit. Can liquify (non-living) matter and manipulate liquids. Despite this, she can't swim.

Sierra 5 -

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