Gunjet Corps is the (tentative?) name for a side-scrolling shooter in conceptualization. The game, of the horizontally-oriented shoot-em-up genre, operates in two "phases": Free-flying fighter jet segments (vertical movement) and on foot, run-and-gun segments (jump button and movement-based manuevers.)

In addition to the 'dual format' gameplay, one objective lies in trying to specialize each of the seven levels and make it more than a matter of scaling difficulty.


In another place and time, two sides are at war. You press start, pick a character, and blow up a ton of bad guys. You can tell they're bad guys because their munitions don't travel at a remotely reasonable speed. Will this be the actual premise, or will I find a way to serious it up? Who knows, but the banter in-game between playable characters and enemies will definitely lampshade some recurring mechanics of the genre quite liberally.

...oh, yes; apparently that was the story.

Saturday Morning Cartoon levels of futurism - lasers, mechs, and space-capable fighter jets.


Rather than use individual lives, the player in Gunjet Corps is given one long life or shield bar, able to withstand a number of hits (reliant on difficulty.) While this may seem all but identical to a lives system, this allows a clearer distinction between the flight and on foot segments of the game, particularly in segments where an alternate means of conveyence or protection is used, and allows the player's defenses to be refilled between levels or even acts of a level, adding to the game's accessibility on some level.

Combat mechanics: TBD.


A crew of elite pilot-commandos.


"One-Arm" Rodger Morris - Ex-"exo" pilot with fame and callsign courtesy of a land battle caught on camera.  Mostly just sticks to flying these days.  Note: Is not missing any of his arms...which is more than can be said for his hair.

The token average guy.  Flies a fairly standard craft outfitted with the fairly standard Razor R6 "laser chain" and Vol-Tec Lancer Grade III missiles.

Violet O'Hara - Special induction into the corps from a (most likely) classified body.  It's not clear whether her hair color inspired her callsign or vice versa.  Or if that's even her callsign.

Technial character.  Wider shot spread on her jet but weaker overall - can lock onto enemies to help offset her damage problem in longer engagements.  Increased melee range thanks to a sword she keeps, but also more encumbered.  Somewhat more nimble in the air despite all of this.

Michael "Flash" Conrad - Former test pilot and first-rate, mountainous beast of a man.  Well-known speed freak, which does not reflect his stature one bit.  Has a strange fondness for vests.

Flies a highly manueverable custom craft, featuring an experimental distortion-tech "javelin cannon" instead of the heavier laser chain.  Also utilizes an incredibly short ranged "shield cleaver" as a secondary option.  Slower on foot, but carries a heavier model of unigun, capable of stocking more ammunition and an enhanced basic shot.

Kylie "Valkyrie" Cavanaugh - Ace pilot who managed to fight in and meaningfully contribute to all the pivotal "Big Three" air battles of the Sierra Conflict, despite taking place within four days on two fronts.  All while she got over the flu.

Rocks two laser weapons - one standard-fare laser chain and a free-aiming satellite cannon - that can pool together their output into a stronger beam.  Slower with a sturdier shield, but larger vulnerable cross-section as a result.

Victor Cho - Grizzled soldier turned dual-element corpsman.  Would clearly take the ground over the sky any day, but sports a continually improving flying game regardless.  Has a bafflingly thorough understanding for the workings of weaponry and war machines.

An inexperienced airman with a jet reflecting that - His secondary 'weapon' is an active countermeasure system, capable of destroying most enemy bullets or neutralizing craft mid-flight.  It can't be used in tandem with his laser chain, but the charge system has been boosted to compensate.  Carries dual lighter uniguns, for timely, strategic employment on the ground.


Natalia "Skye" Zamora - Eyes in the sky.  Acts as mission control.

"Red" Ramon Bernhardt - Exo pilot known as peculiarly fond of the color red.

Naomi Aoki - Model and TV personality turned mascot/pin-up/light-duty Psy-type fighter after an intended "sample" demonstration of the Psy evaluation process returned a 98% synchronization.



Mission 1: Front Line Base

Strike against an outpost in the jungle; destroy the anti-air battery.

Mission 2: Rescue the VIP

Fight through a border city, then down a skyscraper searching for a refugee with important information.

Mission 3: Supply Lines

Striking a supply convoy, but the mission is altered when a train with important cargo flies past.

Mission 4: Escort

Escorting a transport over a dangerous area. Things are never as simple as they could be, however. (Level is jet-only)

Mission 5: Suboceanic Facility

Suiting up and recapturing a research facility hosting a dangerous weapon. (Level is on-foot and then jet)

Mission 6: The Hidden Base

Back to the hidden base discovered in Mission 4.

Mission 7: Air War

It's carrier vs. carrier as the ultimate battle of the war is fought, miles above the burning cities. (Jet => On foot => Jet)

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