Kart Racing card/tabletop game for TTS.

Possible names: Fantasy GP, Fantasy Race? (wasn't that an actual kart racer game?), something something Grand Prix, who knows.

Card-centric racing game in the vein of Formula Motor Racing that involves players and their colored karts wrestling for position.

Card TypesEdit

Colored Card - Bound specifically to a color of player; most involve gain or loss of spaces due to driving manuevers or using items offensively.  Generally, they provide some other fringe benefit, usually to the card behind them, so as to provide an actual logical reason to use cards for a color not your own.

Colorless Card - You pick the target.  Some kinds of items and special manuevers.  Generally, conditions apply.

Signature Card - Special cards unique to your racer/character.  They "come with" the character card and go into their own discard pile.

Event Card - Special effects-for-all cards that are drawn periodically, likely when certain spaces on the track board are crossed for the first time [in a lap].

Character Cards - Simply denote who your character/s is/are.  If Signature Cards ever get the axe, this'll be purely cosmetic.

Color Cards - Oversized solid-color cards placed under the character card to illustrate their designated color.


Cards - See above.

Racers - 8 or 16 kart tokens, one or two for each player color (White and ROY G BPV, as per Tabletop Sim.)

Track board - An oval abstraction of a racecourse.  Leave it to your imagination, more or less.

Starting Line - A piece that serves as the starting line/lap divider, moving counterclockwise to the racers' clockwise movement every turn.

10-sided die - A D10 for various card uses.

Tokens/markers - For some effects.


  • Players keep a hand of 5 cards.
  • Players draw every turn.
  • Players must play a card every turn.
  • Karts move forward on +X orders and move backward on -X orders.
  • Karts cannot occupy the same space - if a kart plusses its way into another's space, they are overtaken, knocking them back a space.  The opposite is also true (falling into someone with a -1 gives them your old position.)
  • At the end of every turn (when the starting line piece is moved) all gaps between karts are closed by one space, starting with 2nd place.  [Have last place close by two?]
  • Play event cards when the proper threshold is reached.
  • Races are 3 laps.  The 1st player to cross the finish line wins, and such.
  • Distribute points based on position.
  • Cups are 3-5 races total.  Highest point total at the end wins.

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