Kyleen is a main character in Foresight.


Kyleen was born in ((Kyleen's City)), a small town due west of the capital of ((magical nation, capital names go here)). As the third oldest, with four other sisters and a brother (him being the youngest), attention was certainly split amongst her siblings. For Kyleen, she found a simple yet clever remedy to this: the goings-on of her father.

Taking an almost unilateral interest in her father, Kyleen followed him with undying persistence, neglecting the more maternally-led with path her sisters sought in favor of swords, outdoorsy pursuits, and the family business. As such, she grew into an understanding of not only the how-to of running a general store - marketing, working with customers and the like - but also in the ways of swordplay and fighting, physical and mental, an impressive feat for her age only compounded further by her gender.

However, this all changed one morning when she awoke to find he had simply left. Although the townsfolk stepped in to aid Kyleen and her family, her emotional wounds had set, and the combination of the shop now being closed and her mother's sudden illness led her to question her pursuits. Though he returned one month later, every bit as abruptly as he'd vanished, things were never quite the same.

Owing to many factors, not the least her mother's crisis of health, the girl's interests began to gravitate toward the arcane. Desperate to learn, she searched for a mentor in the arts, but, amongst the townsfolk, dozens of customers and family friends, fingers only pointed toward one figure: her father. Jaded, secretive, and rebelliously, she set out to learn, studying upon a foundation of the family's old texts and vague recollections of what magic was "supposed" to look like. Though she failed near completely and utterly at learning what she wanted to (and quit studying), she succeeded on some level at breaking into the arcane.



Kyleen is a woman of about 19 years, abiding by the Gregorian calendar, with average complexion and medium blonde hair, which she prefers shoulder-length (though it, realistically, grows over the course of the story - in graphical representations, this provides a subtle way to mark the passage of time.) She is relatively tall, coming up an inch or two short of the moderate-heighted Leo.

While her outfit can vary, as she (like most people) is in possession of more than one outfit, consistencies in her dress include armguards/gauntlets composed of a leather-like substance or light alloy and knee-high leather boots, with her scabbard either at waist height or at her back, strap slung over her chest. She prefers to wear her hair down, which naturally sweeps down the left side of her face, with a single braid wove in, worn as a tribute of sorts to her mother.

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