Leo Vieldi (often simply Leo) is the main protagonist of Foresight.


Leo is a man of roughly 19 years (abiding by the Gregorian calendar) residing in the town of (unnamed) where he was raised by his father Steele. When not assisting in his father's duties as a sword-smith, Leo tirelessly promotes his own hero for hire "problem solving" business, building upon his ostensible reputation and lineage as "The 47th Descendant of the Ancient Hero of Legend," despite an utter lack of proof...he does not meet with much success, all to his father's contentment.

Seeing his small hometown as the culprit for lack of success, Leo decides to rent out a booth at the annual Aurora Festival, in the capital city of (unnamed) to the north. Seeing through this plan, Steele coerces his son into selling his own swords there instead.



In many ways, Leo yearns for recognition of some variety. As the upbrought product of a single parent, and a seemingly cold and distant one at that, he spent his years learning many practical lessons and how to apply them, but never in a very gentle way.

While he seeks to largely sell his services as a 'hero', banking heavily on lineage over any manner of experience or tangible qualifications, he stands opposite any immediate connotations this brings to the table. Despite being economically minded when it comes to his desire for 'problem solving', Leo's moral compass is one of his strongest suites - he is far above investing into perceived malice, which is the practical opposite of his attitude toward those in need, helping regardless of "however little money [they] may have."

He is also staunchly defiant of the implications raised by a lack of professional experience. Years of routine training have rendered Leo, like his father before him, a quite proficient swordsman, able to hold his own against several elite, near-legendary career soldiers, in the opening of the story, with plenty of room for improvement along the way. In combat, Leo is a quick learner, able to adapt his and his opponent's strengths and come up with a reasonable battleplan, though his 'normal' personality can interfere, paving the way for a stubborn misstep or two.

But it is this very upbringing - weapons, training, and tough love - that make for one of Leo's greatest discontentments: his father. Cold, distant, disabler of his intentions and seemingly always his superior in combat, he holds much disdain for Steele, rebellious to the point of a refusal to use swords (despite being substantially more proficient with them both in wielding and understanding than with axes or staves.) Through his adventures around the world, though, he comes to understand his greater intentions, and it is this understanding that heads his coming of age throughout the story.


The character of Leo is built as a sort of inversion (or, subversion) of the archetypical story-driven RPG's hero. Somewhat unintentionally taking cues from world-driven RPGs, at the core of his character rests the idea that you don't need a heroic backstory, a tragic past, or any manner of convenient excuse, but rather a strong drive and motivation...of course, a dash of luck and the ability to see an immediate myriad of futures doesn't hurt, either.

In terms of standard wardrobe, neutral colors set the foundation for a balance of warm-hued garments, with a cool-colored article of clothing somewhere on his torso, often obscured. While this can create something of a stylistic clash (or not, to his semi-obliviousness) and shine on his fickle-bordering-on-reckless nature when it comes to the inconsequential, it also lends itself on some subtle level to his devil-may-care attitude when it comes to the non-verbal. Symbolically, Leo's personality is also reflected: a fiery, impulsive, overly brash fighting spirit of a personality that wraps firmly around a cool, collected tactician within.

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