Below is a list of Foresight characters, to aid in remembrance as well as elucidate, sorted by the character's geographical affiliation.

((Double parentheses)) indicates a name that is (more) likely to change or outright unnamed (in the case of generic labels.)

Western ContinentEdit

Eastern States ("Home" and the Arciellic Union)Edit

Leo Vieldi - Self-proclaimed problem solver and 67th descendant of the Hero of Legend. Joins the ((Grand Campaign)) to prove his worth and lineage. Possesses the ability of Foresight.

Kyleen Nocharm DeCeal - Hotheaded blade fanatic with a strongly repressed case of wanderlust. Joins the Campaign to see more of the world, secretly hoping to tie up some loose ends. Joins Leo out of mutual interest as a de facto 'navigator'.

Steele Vieldi - Leo's father, and established swordsmith. Though possessing an accomplished past of his own, does not approve of his son's intentions. Also possesses the ability of Foresight.

Leiyah _______ - A childhood friend of Leo and petty heiress resting just south of spoiled. Using a variety of cutting edge machines, joins the campaign to bring notoriety and further riches to her already semi-well-to-do family.

Nothern TerritoriesEdit

Mooder Du-Coruct - A somewhat eccentric inventor from the town of Coruct who dreams of devising a flying ship. Well-versed on the front lines of both industrial and magical technology, but holds an open disdain for the arcanum.



Western Region (Industrial Nation)Edit

Vic ______ - Professed 65th descendant of the hero of legend and rivalous foil to Leo. The would-be hero of another story.

((Sarge)) - Former mid-to-high-ranked officer in ((The Fang)) critically injured and cast aside during a succession trial against a then-advancing Dilger. Broken yet cynical, eventually joins the heroes, seeking revenge.

The Archipelago (Southeastern Region)Edit

Eastern ContinentEdit


The Magic TenEdit

_____ - World's foremost magical authority (regarding both power and knowledge) and hermitic resident of ((Unity Tower)).

_____ - Magistress of ((Arceilles Central)). Versed in nearly all schools of magic, a veritable lone deterrent of any aggression toward Arceilles.

((Jhana)) - Overseer of the 'city-spaces' scattered throughout ((Eastern-Central)), a task inherited from her mother. Remains highly capable even when constantly drained by the overhead load of running the city-spaces.

_____ - Also known as "The Gold Duchess." Originally conceived and constructed the fantastical island resort city of _____ by herself, micromanaging its operations and functionality with the aid of a small army of magical technicians.

_____ - ((Northern Continent Kingdom))'s "Weyvair," or lead Arcane Minister. An established master of both heat and cold, his texts about the arcanum kickstarted efforts to make the arctic region inhabitable, and are studied the world over.

_____ - More personality than person; a prodigal healer with a full list of lesser miracles to her name, among them single-handedly ending a conflict between two nations. Affiliation and current whereabouts unknown.

_____ - Dubbed "The Master of Light and Shadow," a rare male entry. Currently held in ((Ocean Tower)), believed to be a political prisoner.

_____ - Princess of ((Far East)), a nation with a monarchy steeped in arcane ability. Little is known about her actual talent level, save for her recognition as most proficient in the line, so her listing is nearly a token inclusion.

_____ -

_____ -

((Nerikah Minou)) - The informally appendixed #11 on the list - one of the few ((Ancient Race)) people left in the world, known for their arcane prowess and assistant to ((#1)).

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