New Argent (also known as NPARC) is a location in the world of Combined Arms. It is a floating island city, though in reality Argent functions with some similarities to a floating island republic, comprised of seven existing cities and a recently constructed central area serving as the metaphorical mortar between the established architecture. Appropriately, this new central area is dubbed Argent.

Argent CityEdit

Less than a century prior to the formation of New Argent, there was an "experiment in magic" known simply as Argent City. Masterminded by Director Rayeranna Niveau, Argent City was a popular hub for arcanists of all persuasions and pursuits, as well as countless tourists drawn to the magical wonderland Niveau and her small army of 'arcane engineers' oversaw.

Actually physically located in the middle of the sea, its precise location known only by Niveau and a handful of engineers, access to Argent was conveyed with the utilization of highly controversial portal technology, with gates located near nearly every major city in the world. Seeking to create a place of wonder that seemingly existed outside of time and space, the city was also beset by an artificial dome, with warm colors ranging from crimson to amber hues dancing and swirling throughout the skies, a technique reminiscent of various nations' annual aurora festivals but employed indefinitely. It was from this practice that Argent gained its nickname "The Endless Twilight".

With currencies of all flavors from around the world finding their way into the city, it thrived and was able to function as a haven for the advancement of magic, both in straightforward research and as a staging ground, a living, breathing proof of concept of the potential of magus both future and present.

However, this would all change in the events preceding the Resurgence of Void. Somehow, an unknown figure gained access through the southwestern portal (the Ramel Gate) and managed to singlehandedly decimate the staff of arcane engineers, along with a handful of residents who were simply in the path of the unknown assailant. Niveau herself also disappeared in the aftermath of the attack and was presumed dead.

With the driving forces behind Argent either slain, driven out in fear, or unaccounted for altogether, the city was unable to sustain its own immense arcane appetite; only with the intervention of arcanists from the other side of the gates were the portals able to remain open long enough for the population to return to their homes. With the ultimate closure of the gates (and their subsequent physical demolition on the other sides), the endless twilight was no more.

The Union of SevenEdit

Following the collapse of Argent City, a number of arcanists found themselves without a place to return to.   [tbc]

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