Steele Vieldi is a character in Foresight.


Steele is the father of Leo and head of the Vieldi household. An accomplished swordfighter, Steele puts this experience (along with his son) to work as a sword-smith. While somewhat small in scale business-wise, his ability to build a sword is spoken of highly, rivaled only by his ability to utilize one.

However, Steele's prowess is far from absolute success raising his son. As a single parent (his wife Mako having died in childbirth) he has met with some apprehension regarding how to raise his only child. Unsure of how to go about it, his personality shifted from his normal warm (albeit enabling) optimism to a cold and distant approach; the bulk of this happens almost overnight following a particular series of nights causing a number of self-realizations and concern over the message he is sending.


(Early life, family)



(A Family)

(All Guns Blazing)

(Present/Grand Campaign)


Steele's name has a duality to it, both evoking his area of aptitude and profession and his nominal personality (with regard of the present-day story, at any rate.)

Building off of the subversion of tropes that Leo comprises, the presence of a male single parent as seen in a character-driven RPG is a through-and-through rarity. Although the "cold and disabling" personality archetype is applied for these decisively uncommon instances, his true feelings (which slowly seep out as Leo becomes his own person in the world) sort of subvert that as well.

In a 'standard attire' sort of setting, Steele dresses in all neutral, coolly-tinted clothing, so as to convey his apparent detachment and disconnection from either his son and past. In scenes depicting him in action, his outfit is decidedly more colorful, even though he retains the cool palette.

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